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I sat for SCJP 1.4 on the 22nd of September and here is what I  learned( I had the fortune to score 100%). Your millage may vary.
Below are some of the stuff I used.

The book I used was Sun Certified Programmer and Developer for Java 2 by Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. I highly recomend the book. Its a very easy read and covers almost everything you need to except user vs daemon threads(very small part, see link below). Below is almost everything I used apart from this book.

My notes

Classes, Inner Classes, methods attributes a table of comparisons
Java Wrapper class comparinson.

Other referances

Mock Exams

Marcus Green mock exam

Has some good questions. Random questions everytime you do this. I got 85% the second time I took it.

JQ plus

The trial has one free test. The interface was very similar to the real thing. The questions are quite good. Got 75% before I took the real thing. If I had come across this test earlier I would have definitely baught its definitely a bargains for the price.

Dans exams

I found the questions by section useful. Didnt realy like the tests questions though. Tried two and got bored :).

Valentin's Mock exams

Very good tool to use when you study because the questions realy test the limits and are very hard.

Code Experiments

These are code snipets I used to experiment and learn different behaviors with. Tests different ways you can and cannot define an array Tests to see if strings from concat or + refereance the pool(they dont) What happens when you set an exception to null and throw it, click and see what happens :). What happens if you attempt to override a private method.(you can). Tests the scope of a variable(scope is within the curly braces the variable is declared within)


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